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Sump Pumps

All Hands Waterproofing provides Omaha and the surrounding areas with installation, repair, service, and maintenance for sump pumps. If an emergency plumbing situation arises due to a defective, damaged, or unreliable sump pump, All Hands Waterproofing is ready to respond quickly to meet your needs and help repair the problem quickly. With access to the best products available on the market, we install reliable, energy efficient, and discreet sump pumps to turn on when you need them most!


If the foundation of your home is lower or level with the water table, a wet

basement or crawl space can be an all too common part of life. A flooded

basement or crawl space can be a costly misadventure after a heavy

rainstorm or heavy snow melt if you don’t have a trustworthy and capable

sump pump installed in your home. 

For those out there who are not familiar with a sump pump, a sump pump

is used to remove water that has collected in a sump pit found in the

basement or crawl space of a house. Sump pumps are common where the

installation of a gravity flowing drain is restricted. Sump discharge lines help

carry the unwanted water away from the house and to any place where it is

no longer threatens damage to the house.

A vast majority of sump pumps are plugged into the houses electrical system.

To help safeguard your basement and crawl space, battery backup systems

and/or high water alarms can offer peace of mind that you are safe and

secure during the worst storms mother nature has to offer. Battery backup

systems allow for pumping capability so your basement and crawl space

stay waterless in case of a power outage. 



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