Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Services

Identifying and solving your foundation issues

All Hands Waterproofing knows the value of a sound and intact foundation, and

with our experience, we are the best choice for your home foundation repair project.

If you are facing foundation problems we are your solution. One of our foundation

specialists will visit your home, identify the issue and explain the solution. After the

work, pricing and schedule sounds good to you, we take care of the issue. You can

expect expert service, permanent solutions and fast installation.

We are proud to serve homeowners and businesses in Greater Omaha Metro,

Western Iowa and Surrounding Areas. Give us a call at, 402.206.9815 for a free

foundation inspection and cost estimate. 

Causes of foundation problems

Foundation problems can be caused by different issues. These include: improperly

compacted fill soils, poor soil maintenance and expanding or contracting soil bases.

While these different issues may appear to be irreparable, if caught in time they can

be easily fixed.

Cracked walls, doors that won't close and chimneys that separate from the house are just symptoms of the underlying foundation settling issues. The good news is that we can fix the underlying foundation settlement.


  • Bowing Foundation Walls

  • Settling Foundations

  • Sagging Crawl Spaces

  • Foundation Wall Cracks

  • Floor Cracks

  • Uneven Floors

  • Heaving Foundations

  • Sticking Windows & Doors

  • Tilting Chimneys

  • Collapsing Retaining Walls

  • Sinking Outdoor Concrete